Life Savers Leadership Academy





Get a glimpse of tomorrow….TODAY!  For tomorrow begins….TODAY! 

“No one is more important to the world of tomorrow than the children of TODAY!”

Life-Savers Leadership Academy, a.k.a. KIDZBOOST, is committed to help individual children ages 6-12 to be “lifted up” and “boosted” beyond their present day view of life so that they can begin to “see” through God’s eyes some of the opportunities awaiting them as current positive values and life skills are presented to them.  Leaders are not born…they are made with the help of  wise, loving, dedicated parents, teachers, and mentors who purpose to sow of their time and talents into the next generation, allowing them to “stand on their shoulders” and “see over the wall”…into the tomorrows of their lives!

KIDZBOOST is a four day a week, two hour, after-school leadership academy that offers a helping hand and mentoring assistance to young children and their parents who also accept the opportunity of encouragement and more helpful information for these important discovery years of their children.

KIDZBOOST and Life-Savers Ministry believes that leadership potential resides in every human, and the opportunity to tap such potential begins in these important learning years before they become teenagers.  The nature of leadership seems to be released through influence and inspiration;  and  KIDZBOOST purpose is to offer a hand of help to ignite an inner spark of FAITH, PASSION and COMMITMENT in children at these early ages and to assist them in walking through doors of opportunity to the future that awaits them.

Life presents all people with challenges, but God gives the power and principles of true leadership to overcome these challenges.   Training for such leadership begins in childhood!

Even children can SEE OVER THE WALL…LOOK BEYOND…and get a glimpse of tomorrow…TODAY!